• A new shopping experience

    A new shopping experience

    SouthEast Plaza Shopping Center is a newly renovated shopping center located in Southeast Winston-Salem, a densely-populated area.
  • Thousands of customers...

    Thousands of customers...

    SouthEast Plaza Shopping Center serves as both a retail and food hub in southeast Winston-Salem. Probably the best known store in the area is the conveniently located Compare Foods.
  • Affordable...


    New! Small and medium retail spaces located inside the shopping plaza. Just what your customers want.
  • 1,100+ parking spots.

    1,100+ parking spots.

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Prime location

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Location! Location! Location!


The perfect location for your office or retail business: SouthEast Plaza Shopping Center is located on the intersection of five of the most important streets in Winston-Salem. Location can mean the difference between feast and famine.

The key to picking a profitable location is determining the factors that will increase customer volume for your business. Ask yourself questions such as: Will customers come on foot? Will customers drive, and if so, where will they park?

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More customers

Mini Mall

Spaces available for rent

This is what you need to get more customers:

  • Retail / Office
    Attorneys, Chiropractors, Accountants, Cell Phone Stores, Insurance Agencies, etc.
  • Assembly
    Restaurant, Church, Warehouse, Function hall, Training facility etc.
  • One Level with more than 90,000 sq. ft.
  • Over 1,000 parking spots.
  • Available spaces from 5,500 to 54,000 sq ft.
  • Customizable areas to fit your needs.
  • Recently renovated.
  • MiniMall with 16 spaces from 500 to 3,000 sq. ft.
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